From 2012-03-05 to 2012-04-03


23:43 Support #740: set up lunch scripts
lunch seems to be doing the right thing but the data is not being exchanged around. Michal Seta
23:21 Revision ea771bc8: rename subpatch remote to connections
Michal Seta
23:20 Revision be74c563: remove the connect widget
Michal Seta
23:18 Revision 9a8efcb8: little clean up in the connections subpatch
Michal Seta
23:08 Revision af5ea1b3: using our main.pd with UI changes for abstractions
Michal Seta
22:48 Revision 45229ef8: Merge branch 'UI' of into UI
Michal Seta
22:47 Revision ea6b0a71: some different presets
Michal Seta
22:47 Revision fa262471: some fixes to the video file layer
Michal Seta
22:40 Revision a5181de4: set up for GVA-YUL communication (unconfirmed)
Michal Seta
17:58 Feature #742 (New): tcp communication
implement tcp communication for mission critical messages (createNode etc.), keep less important (control data) as udp. Michal Seta
09:33 Feature #741 (New): integrate shaders
Michal Seta
09:32 Support #740 (In Progress): set up lunch scripts
GVA should launch all processes and they will be in control of everything. Michal Seta
09:26 Revision 7d3eb202: add actual GVA address + some comments
Alexandre Quessy
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