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deab3b81 2012-05-02 16:11 Michal Seta

presets and bitrate codecs tests

4c1c0dfa 2012-05-01 15:27 Michal Seta


f2e344e9 2012-05-01 15:18 Michal Seta

update 1st may

d13dcfd0 2012-05-01 14:48 Michal Seta

Merge branch 'bug-fixes' into rehearsals01

56e45c89 2012-05-01 08:27 Michal Seta


6f381a0d 2012-04-30 23:35 Michal Seta

attempt at fixing state saving bugs

d71d4334 2012-04-30 17:25 Michal Seta

updated IP adress of YUl and show presets

c3af5620 2012-04-27 05:34 Michal Seta

removed the PAL/NTSC setting

f2feb2b6 2012-04-25 14:17 Michal Seta

add option force NTSC in milhouse

9f141036 2012-04-17 19:26 Michal Seta

some changes to lunch scripts

989d474b 2012-04-17 18:45 Michal Seta

run one video both ways

6cb8f9b9 2012-04-12 19:52 Walid van Boetzelaer

make gva localwq

431927df 2012-04-12 13:08 Michal Seta

local settings for some stress test

f07938d7 2012-04-12 13:08 Michal Seta

start milhouse fullscreen on second monitor

298657b3 2012-04-11 15:39 Walid van Boetzelaer

update bitrate buffer jitter and update layers pd

0b4c73e2 2012-04-11 09:54 Walid van Boetzelaer

changed pd layout, changed bitrate in lunch

20f794c0 2012-04-11 08:21 Walid van Boetzelaer

correctly rename/renumber identifiers for yul

421210cd 2012-04-11 01:02 Michal Seta

make lunch script local to GVA

2c999f55 2012-04-10 18:13 Michal Seta

run second video stream

31b02f70 2012-04-10 17:12 Michal Seta

add identifiers for audio processes (local lunch)

6e319b05 2012-04-10 17:10 Michal Seta

add identifiers for audio processes

9a094e58 2012-04-10 17:02 Walid van Boetzelaer

Merge branch 'rehearsals01' of into rehearsals01


a9b4779e 2012-04-10 14:41 Walid van Boetzelaer

edit insane

5223bc53 2012-04-10 12:58 Michal Seta

make it all run locally

810fce57 2012-04-10 12:36 Michal Seta

add a lunch script for tests at SAT

7ac0d4d9 2012-04-10 09:02 Walid van Boetzelaer

edited the VideoFileLayer to take popup input rather than, and synched names of presets

a0440ac5 2012-04-09 15:06 Walid van Boetzelaer

changed presets labels and changed bitrate and codec

d0f83afb 2012-04-09 10:19 Walid van Boetzelaer

changed monitors

9ba88aa9 2012-04-07 15:47 Michal Seta

make it run in GVA

1acfddd8 2012-04-07 15:26 Michal Seta

launch audio via jack

dfcde207 2012-04-07 15:06 Walid van Boetzelaer

prevent monitors from going blank

0abf5c9b 2012-04-07 11:08 Walid van Boetzelaer

IP address changed

f7dda705 2012-04-06 17:06 Michal Seta

working lunch

ccc510b4 2012-04-05 13:43 Michal Seta

disable camera controls in spin viewer

3f6b5e85 2012-04-04 15:58 Walid van Boetzelaer

fixed other typo

7773fb75 2012-04-04 15:48 Walid van Boetzelaer

fix a typo

7029d9a0 2012-04-04 15:32 Michal Seta

added configs to milhouse, such as jitter buffer, codec, deinterlace

a5181de4 2012-04-03 22:40 Michal Seta

set up for GVA-YUL communication (unconfirmed)

7d3eb202 2012-04-03 09:26 Alexandre Quessy

add actual GVA address + some comments

5710e101 2012-02-16 12:07 Michal Seta

DMZ for yul and gva

d50d65c6 2012-02-15 15:08 Michal Seta

make it work with dc1394src and change IPs

ec4620e3 2012-02-08 18:51 Michal Seta

make it work between Lausanne and Montreal

ee525b5b 2012-02-08 00:37 Michal Seta

Set GVA to local.

26ec0222 2012-02-07 23:54 Michal Seta

Make lunch look better(?)

74d3462f 2012-02-07 23:48 Michal Seta

Launch Dieu processes remotely

5ce32f16 2012-02-02 12:19 Michal Seta

add env variables for LD_PATH

2edf75a5 2012-01-30 17:53 Alexandre Quessy

improve and fix lunch script

09c06e39 2012-01-30 16:30 Alexandre Quessy

heavily modify lunch script

58002ea4 2012-01-30 16:29 Alexandre Quessy

rename lunch script

457a11d4 2012-01-30 15:56 Alexandre Quessy

rm a useless file

fff4a5b0 2012-01-30 15:17 Michal Seta

initial commit