Ball Jam

Ball Jam is a volumetric audio composition created by Zack Settel, combining motion tracking, realtime audio processing, and physical modelling in a virtual environment.

Commissioned and performed by the Quasar Saxophone Quartet (, the piece allows players to capture samples from their instruments and apply effects based on their location on stage.

Artists: conception and sonic arts: Zack Settel, science: Mike Wozniewski, collaboration: Luc Courchesne

Year: 2011

Tools used: SPIN, SpatOSC, Lunch

Impressionable Environments explores the use of attractive and repulsive forces for expressive musical control. In this initial study, we have added physically modelled behaviours to the SPIN Framework ( in order to naturally move sound sources around a 3D scene. The user simply "blows" to create a directional force in the environment. A Ubisense tracking system allows users to move around and direct their forces in any direction.

Video of the piece

also see Environments Susceptibles project

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