Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice en français

Breaking the Ice is an artistic telepresence installation, with the goal of connecting individuals across cold wintery climates. Originally commissioned for the CODE Live festival, as part of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the station allowed visitors in Montreal to experience the Olymic atmosphere from thousands of kilometers away. It places its users face to face in front of a collaborative game of reconstructing the image which fragments when the screen is touched. In doing so, the participants engage in a dialogue that literally permits them to “"break the glass."”

The first telepresence stations at the SAT were developed in the Territoires Ouverts (2003-2007) and Propulse[ART] research programs. This project includes and refines the results of this research.

The insertion of a collaborative 3d space between the participants.

The system is permanently installed (still true?) between the SAT and the W2 space in Vancouver. It is therefore possible to observe the quality of the communication experience that it offers.

Researchers: Mike Wozniewski, Paul Warne, Michaël Richard, Alexandre Quessy

original concept: Paul Warne, sound design: Andrew Kozloski, programmer: Mike Wozniewski, shader programmer: Louis Bouchard, industrial designer: Sébastien Dallaire, production director: Louis-Philippe St-Arnaud, technical coordinator, Vancouver: Dominic St-Amant

Year: 2010

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