Dieu est un DJ

"Dieu est un DJ" (God is a DJ) is a telepresence show using Scenic technology, the dialogue of two scenes in search of a common space. The network becomes the theater, the complete representation of a scene where two actors join through the projection of their images on the same screen.

Artists: Co-direted by: Julien Brun (GE) and Vincent de Repentigny-Corbeil (MTL), Actors: Pascale Güdel (GE) and Etienne Blanchette (MTL)
stage assistant: Émilie Martel, set and costume design: Ariane Thibodeau, video: Laurent Schaer, lighting: Julien Brun, dramaturgy: Guillaume Corbeil
technical director: Sylvain Béland, technologies: Walid van Boetzelaer (GE), scenic technology: Metalab team, creation partners: Société des arts technologiques(SAT)and Mapping Festival

Year: 2011-2012

Country: Canada, Switzerland.

Tools used: SPIN, Scenic, Lunch


Two characters, him and her, talk about their life in front of a camera: he talks about his travels and his audio reseach in the american desert. She talks about her last job where she talked constantly in front of a permanently connected camera. This strange couple met when he was repairing something in the studio where she was recording. The play deals with the inability to communicate: two characters who can't say anything without using a camera, not even "I love you."

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