MusicInMotion intro

The MusicInMotion research project explores the interaction of Dancer and Music via movement in space. One or more Kinect optical devices capture dancers' movements, which are in turn, mapped onto audiovisual objects in performance space. Audiovisual display environments such as the Satosphere dome, are particularly well-suited for this kind of work. Enormous performance spaces are created by extending the real dance space inside the dome outward into the surrounding audiovisual space.

Research Artist: Zack Settel, with research assistance and support from the MetaLab and Satosphere teams.
Dance and Choreography: Peter Trosztmer
Conception: Settel, Trosztmer

Year: 2013

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Video Clips

Below is a short documentary video, shot in the Satosphere, showing how dancers influence the audiovisual world around them:

In the video below, the movement of audiovisual objects within the environment is structured, creating a music that evolves.