Axis A – Immersive Environments

Scénographies immersives en français

The projects of Axis A deal specifically with challenges related to immersive and interactive systems. One of the objectives is to build immersive environments from video capture or image synthesis. Another objective is to reexamine the environments of previous immersive and interactive works, whether distributed on a network or not. The projects of this axis enable the enhancement of artistic creations intended for the various immersive and interactive systems at the SAT. In addition, they promote the emergence of works as original in their structure as in their subject matter and contribute to the international deployment of a new network of creation and distribution. The Immersive Environments axis includes the following projects:

A1 - Audio spatialization                          Spatosc
A2 - Video spatialization
A3 - Spherical audio-video capture
A4 - Spherical stereoscopy
A5 - Distributed environments                 Scenic     Lunch