C – Networked Experiences

Expérience réseau

The projects of Axis C address the complications of networking, collaboration/interaction at a distance and mixed reality where the transition from the physical to the virtual or augmented is fluid. The objective is to offer a platform for rapid prototyping of shared 3D worlds that enable immersive telepresence and interactivity. The result of this research and development translates to a wide variety of works that explore a new online space of representation and experience. This axis of development will produce applications with utility beyond the artistic sphere, in medicine, pedagogy, engineering and communication. The “Networked Experiences” axis includes the following projects:

C1 - Posture Platform for immersive telepresence     Posture        [[envsus:ball_jam|Ball Jam]]    [[envsus:|Environments susceptibles]]
C2 - Augmented reality : Audio graffiti : Invisible      Invisible     nSlam       Audio Graffiti                             pdsheefa
C3 - SPIN Framework                                                SPIN