Soupe Transatlantique

This research and creation workshop is an experiment in common practices. Working with plants transformed into digital instruments to develop an amazing digital "soup" together between Mons and Montreal.

software designer, software director: Alexandre Quessy, software designer, in-situ composer: Michal Seta, director, multimedia artist: Valérie Cordy,
musician and performer: Laurence Moletta.

Year: 2010-2011

Tools used: Scenic, Lunch

This mission of exploration and creative research was realized in collaboration with Transcultures, le Centre interdisciplinaire des cultures numériques et sonores, the Numediarts research program (la Faculté Polytechnique de Mons) for the federation of Wallonie-Bruxelles and la Société des arts technologiques(SAT) and the Metalab for Quebec as part of bilateral exchanges between Québec and the Wallonie-Quebec Federation.

Not merely experimenting in the same spirit of the two previous missions between TRAME (Mons) and Biokinosonic (Montreal), this third exchange has the added goal of opening a network connection with Transcultures and Numediarts in Mons. Once established, this connection will permit extended residencies between Quebec and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

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