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771 BugNewUrgentLunch creates many many log files when ran over long periods of timeAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
699 BugNewUrgentHandle when there is an SSH communication error that can (or should) be addressed by the user2012-07-25 17:220.80.3
692 BugNewUrgentDisable command in case of a SSH error ?Alexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:220.80.3
677 BugNewUrgentIn the GUI, we should be able to stop a process that we keep failing to startAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:220.8
625 FeatureNewUrgentMake sure ssh keys are installed, prompt if notAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:200.8
697 BugNewHighShould not try a command again if not foundAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:220.80.3
696 BugNewHighHandle when the the authenticity of host can't be established.Alexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:230.80.3
695 BugNewHighHandle when remote identification key has changedAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:230.80.3
693 FeatureIn ProgressHighimprove error message when ssh prompts for a key passphraseMichal Seta2012-07-25 17:210.80.3
681 FeatureNewHighadd a method to the Command class to change its command lineAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
679 FeatureNewHighDelete old log files automaticallyAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
650 FeatureNewHighTeardown commandsAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
637 FeatureNewHighKill previous slave+child PID before startingAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:200.8
631 FeatureNewHighAdd restart command to slavesAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:200.8
630 FeatureNewHighBe able to specify working directoryAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:200.8
902 BugNewNormalMaster should make sure slaves are at the right versionAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 16:27
657 FeatureNewNormalAdd a "view slave log" buttonAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
619 FeatureNewNormalCheck if the child is frozenAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:200.8
665 FeatureNewLowShould not use the subprocess module for checking if master PID is a lunch processAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
658 FeatureNewLowAllow to add/edit/delete commands in the GUIAlexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:210.8
646 FeatureNewLowImplement groups again?Alexandre Quessy2012-07-25 17:200.8

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