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# Date Auteur Commentaire
e5762456 2010-01-18 12:54 Alexandre Quessy

Removed glib module dependency. It wasn't working on Hardy.

fc3762a7 2010-01-15 16:45 Alexandre Quessy

Put back the terminal window in Lunch GUI.

852eef04 2010-01-15 13:13 Alexandre Quessy

Added --graphical option to lunch.
The changed state signal are not received correctly, though.
Added process_dependencies.odg.

5a2d8a05 2010-01-15 09:56 Alexandre Quessy

updated state diagram

929a455b 2010-01-09 02:26 Alexandre Quessy

moved examples to root

fef09eb2 2010-01-09 02:26 Alexandre Quessy

changed identifier for title in example

770d931d 2010-01-07 18:11 Alexandre Quessy

added state diagram to doc

6d12718b 2010-01-07 14:03 Alexandre Quessy

Few fixes in the master to make it use a config file.
Adding an example.

4f1d2c7d 2010-01-07 11:39 Alexandre Quessy

Removed mplayer from the example.

b31849a2 2010-01-07 11:38 Alexandre Quessy

Fixed the make file. Added an example.

3637aac1 2010-01-06 18:41 Alexandre Quessy

Now making sure the process is stopped before quitting

7037690e 2010-01-06 16:09 Alexandre Quessy

Added command-line options to launch-slave.
Update doc to document the new SlaveCommandProtocol. (interactive stdio)

6f3042ab 2010-01-06 11:18 Alexandre Quessy

Changed executable to check if the directory it is in is "scripts" instead of looking for Mercurial files.
Moved bin to scripts.
Moved config-sample to doc/examples.

b27e143b 2010-01-06 10:09 Alexandre Quessy

Removed useless english translation.

e14382e8 1969-12-31 19:00 Alexandre Quessy

updated classes again. fixed typo.

8a2e0410 1969-12-31 19:00 Alexandre Quessy

updated class diagram

1002b70d 1969-12-31 19:00 Alexandre Quessy

added classes.dia