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1255 BugFeedbackHighDeckLinkStudio2 causes v4l2_util.cpp:648:ERRORMichal Seta2013-03-29 14:19
1238 FeatureNewNormalAllow shared video from receiving stream in Scenic GUIMichal Seta2012-11-08 14:361.2
1231 BugNewNormalcustom size for sent video test source dones't work at allMichal Seta2012-11-06 14:451.21.0
1230 BugNewNormalcustom size number widgets are not sensitive after streaming even if custom size option is chosenMichal Seta2012-11-06 14:441.2
1229 BugNewNormalThe preview window is called "Milhouse". Should be "sending to London", or soMichal Seta2012-11-06 14:471.2
1228 BugNewNormalWhen answerer sends its answer and the offerer doesn't send anymore messages, Scenic should tell the user that the offerer is probably on a different networkMichal Seta2012-11-06 14:341.21.0
1010 BugNewNormalvideotestsrc window when audio selectedMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.2
999 failsMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.20.7
922 BugNewHighMilhouse should offer an option to hide the cursor when in fullscreen modeNicolas Bouillot2012-08-07 12:06
921 BugIn ProgressHighInput and standard drop-menu must be disabled when choosing color bars video sourceMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.2
916 BugIn ProgressHighRace condition in widget sensitivityMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:081.6
859 BugFeedbackNormalcannot launch yelp to display manualAlexandre Quessy2012-10-11 14:201.2
829 FeatureNewNormalimplement framerate controlMichal Seta2012-05-28 18:31
828 BugFeedbackHighFix DC camera GUID parsing and use itMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.2
819 BugNewLowScenic also launches a videotestsrc ! xvimagesink when audio is not in sync with videoMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:051.60.7
818 BugNewLowVU meters appear in a separate window and not in the Gtk SocketMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:041.60.7
816 BugNewNormalDepend on Jackd2Michal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.20.7
753 BugNewNormal'Contribute' And 'Architecture Notes' pages full of complicated SVN and code.sat linksAlexandre Quessy2012-04-05 15:25
608 BugNewHighGstreamer version mismatch errorMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:
607 BugNewNormalBad error message when there is sampling rate mismatchNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:
606 BugNewNormalWhen inviting, we repeatedly get an error that the peer's JACK is not runningMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:
605 BugNewNormalSometimes milhouse fails to open DC camerasNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:
590 BugNewHighBuilding the Debian package changes a lot of filesAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
588 BugNewLowLink to man pages from scenic?Alexandre Quessy2010-06-15 08:560.6
587 BugFeedbackHighImpossible to view help on DebianNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:231.40.6

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