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Feature #829: implement framerate control
Bug #588: Link to man pages from scenic?
Bug #753: 'Contribute' And 'Architecture Notes' pages full of complicated SVN and code.sat links
Bug #922: Milhouse should offer an option to hide the cursor when in fullscreen mode
Bug #1255: DeckLinkStudio2 causes v4l2_util.cpp:648:ERROR
Feature #77: Add latency test to network testing
Bug #232: Modal dialogs can block user from closing an other dialog
Feature #246: Implement filesrc
Feature #295: Add log file to info sent by email when in kiosk mode
Feature #302: Add an option to auto-restart streams in case of a crash
Feature #303: Prevent attacks on the TCP SIC protocol
Bug #916: Race condition in widget sensitivity
Feature #348: Show visual feedback for MIDI input/output
Bug #353: Do not show open MIDI devices in the choices.
Bug #358: xvimagesink appears for an instant before showing up in preview (xid option)
Feature #416: have preview/vumeters running all the time when possible
Feature #419: --enable-logging should not make scenic quiet
Feature #428: Important status widgets text contents should be selectable
Bug #430: Decrease delay before scenic can receive invitations at startup
Feature #435: Support two different codec at the same time
Feature #444: Move local IP widget to the addressbook
Feature #452: Use GTK for listing X11 displays
Feature #465: Support binding to a specific network interface
Feature #466: Support a port offset in scenic
Feature #477: Prevent DOS attack on the SIC server
Bug #499: Respect the max number of JACK ports
Feature #511: Support OSS and portaudio backend for jackd
Bug #541: When the user cancels and invitation, it is stil going on and we get an error later
Bug #549: Interlaced video looks overinterlaced in the preview box
Feature #566: Consider using python-cjson instead of simplejson
Bug #570: Should make dist change .po files?
Bug #575: "all streams are disabled" error should only show one error dialog
Feature #579: Consider compiling Python bytecode to a path with Python version in it
Feature #580: Use dh_pythonsupport and get rid of .pyo files
Bug #607: Bad error message when there is sampling rate mismatch
Bug #818: VU meters appear in a separate window and not in the Gtk Socket
Bug #819: Scenic also launches a videotestsrc ! xvimagesink when audio is not in sync with video
Feature #178: add raw video support
Feature #192: Use an existing library to support an interoperable protocol for presence/connection/etc.
Bug #282: Implement network testing in Scenic
Bug #285: Chat in the GUI
Bug #290: Tee to archive audio/video streams to file
Bug #291: Implement audio/video archiving when milhouse supports it
Feature #392: Create an external application for network testing
Feature #332: calling_dialog window icon is bad
Feature #385: Be able to specify the bus number in firereset
Feature #387: Create the toggle fullscreen menu item
Feature #390: Create an advanced V4L2 device control GUI
Feature #446: Show a logging window
Feature #457: Poll devices only when the user clicks on the drop-down menu
Feature #479: Be able to reorder contacts in the address book
Feature #505: When the sessions is closed due to error, the remote peer should be warned
Feature #516: Improve gettext packaging with autotools
Feature #521: Be able to translate combobox choices
Feature #531: Installation Manual doesn't mention IP addressing and NAT'ing
Feature #542: Create an OMF entry for yelp main menu
Bug #559: two contacts with same ip address are indistinguishable to scenic
Feature #561: Docbook files should be installed in GNOME usual locations
Bug #574: jack-info show a "cannot allocate memory" message on Debian sid
Bug #584: In the Video tab, X11 display lists displays that don't support Xvideo
Bug #585: video preview do not have the input option while activated
Bug #587: Impossible to view help on Debian
Bug #590: Building the Debian package changes a lot of files
Bug #605: Sometimes milhouse fails to open DC cameras
Bug #606: When inviting, we repeatedly get an error that the peer's JACK is not running
Bug #608: Gstreamer version mismatch error
Bug #921: Input and standard drop-menu must be disabled when choosing color bars video source
Bug #828: Fix DC camera GUID parsing and use it
Bug #481: reactor.spawnProcess expects only str, not unicode
Bug #509: Widget sensitivity for sync A/V widget must be improved
Bug #555: Answerer refuses when its JACK is not running even if offerer disabled all audio streams
Bug #557: Before starting preview, we should check if the X11 display works an has the xv extension
Bug #816: Depend on Jackd2
Bug #859: cannot launch yelp to display manual
Bug #999: fails
Bug #1010: videotestsrc window when audio selected
Bug #1228: When answerer sends its answer and the offerer doesn't send anymore messages, Scenic should tell the user that the offerer is probably on a different network
Bug #1229: The preview window is called "Milhouse". Should be "sending to London", or so
Bug #1230: custom size number widgets are not sensitive after streaming even if custom size option is chosen
Bug #1231: custom size for sent video test source dones't work at all
Feature #1238: Allow shared video from receiving stream in Scenic GUI
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