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158 BugClosedHighSession must connect to MilhouseProcess signals.Tristan Matthews2009-12-02 18:140.3
141 FeatureClosedNormalAdd granularity in miville software components in trac.Simon Piette2009-07-31 13:270.3
133 BugClosedHighdevices: jackd: numbers of sinks and sources are invertedAlexandre Quessy2009-06-09 17:000.3
131 BugClosedHighAll presets share the same stream_subgroup numbers2009-05-29 09:270.3
130 BugClosedHighmake install installs miville in the wrong directoryKoya Charles2009-05-29 00:150.3
129 BugClosedNormalr3283 broke automated python doc buildingKoya Charles2009-05-20 00:350.3
122 BugClosedHighWhen disconnected, streaming state is not clearedAlexandre Quessy2009-05-22 11:170.3
121 BugClosedUrgentcrash in api when trying to connect using telnet cliAlexandre Quessy2009-06-05 14:350.3
120 BugClosedUrgentImpossible to delete last contact in web GUIAlexandre Quessy2009-06-12 11:090.3
119 FeatureClosedNormalLe nom Propulseart dans les interfacesAlexandre Quessy2009-05-29 11:050.3
118 BugClosedUrgentdo not use select_contact from web uiAlexandre Quessy2009-06-12 23:490.3
117 BugClosedNormalIn the Web UI, if there's a space in a contact name, it can't be used for streamingHugo Boyer2009-05-25 15:450.3
116 BugClosedUrgentsettings/streams should notify with the proper error if there is oneAlexandre Quessy2009-06-05 17:300.3
115 BugClosedHighError message should be given to user when trying to use non-existing settingsAlexandre Quessy2009-06-05 15:250.3
114 BugClosedNormalWeb widget modules are loaded many timesAlexandre Quessy2010-01-04 15:540.3
113 BugClosedHighStreams widget : Button should change to "stop" for B hostAlexandre Quessy2009-05-05 15:280.3
111 BugClosedHighmiville should only listen on, unless instructed otherwiseAlexandre Quessy2009-05-01 14:340.3
110 BugClosedHighReset connection state when miville quit/crash/stopAlexandre Quessy2009-05-01 15:120.3
109 BugClosedHighmiville should send all *init messages to milhouseHugo Boyer2009-05-06 15:550.3
108 FeatureClosedHighmilhouse should give octet and packet sent/received through loggingTristan Matthews2009-05-11 17:260.3
106 BugClosedHighgst page errorHugo Boyer2009-05-05 11:140.3
104 BugClosedHighRemote host cannot start stream in Web UIHugo Boyer2009-05-25 16:090.3
103 BugClosedHighstreaming icon doesn't appear on remote hostAlexandre Quessy2009-06-01 18:540.3
101 BugClosedNormalConnection state message can be confuseAlexandre Quessy2009-05-05 16:590.3
98 BugClosedHighRemote host should be notified when a nertwork test is started locally.Alexandre Quessy2009-05-07 18:280.3

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