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232 BugIn ProgressLowModal dialogs can block user from closing an other dialogAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
282 BugIn ProgressLowImplement network testing in ScenicAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
285 BugNewLowChat in the GUIAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
290 BugNewNormalTee to archive audio/video streams to fileNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:
291 BugNewLowImplement audio/video archiving when milhouse supports itAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
353 BugNewLowDo not show open MIDI devices in the choices.Alexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
358 BugNewLowxvimagesink appears for an instant before showing up in preview (xid option)Michal Seta2012-09-06 14:
430 BugNewLowDecrease delay before scenic can receive invitations at startupMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:161.60.5
481 BugNewLowreactor.spawnProcess expects only str, not unicodeMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.20.5
499 BugIn ProgressLowRespect the max number of JACK portsNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:171.60.5
509 BugNewLowWidget sensitivity for sync A/V widget must be improvedMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:201.20.5
541 BugNewLowWhen the user cancels and invitation, it is stil going on and we get an error laterMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:181.6
549 BugIn ProgressLowInterlaced video looks overinterlaced in the preview boxNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:
555 BugNewHighAnswerer refuses when its JACK is not running even if offerer disabled all audio streamsMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:
557 BugNewNormalBefore starting preview, we should check if the X11 display works an has the xv extensionMichal Seta2012-10-11 14:
559 BugIn ProgressNormaltwo contacts with same ip address are indistinguishable to scenicAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
570 BugNewLowShould make dist change .po files?Alexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
574 BugNewHighjack-info show a "cannot allocate memory" message on Debian sidNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:
575 BugNewLow"all streams are disabled" error should only show one error dialogAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
584 BugNewNormalIn the Video tab, X11 display lists displays that don't support XvideoMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:211.40.6
585 BugNewNormalvideo preview do not have the input option while activatedMichal Seta2012-09-06 14:221.40.6
587 BugFeedbackHighImpossible to view help on DebianNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:231.40.6
588 BugNewLowLink to man pages from scenic?Alexandre Quessy2010-06-15 08:560.6
590 BugNewHighBuilding the Debian package changes a lot of filesAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
605 BugNewNormalSometimes milhouse fails to open DC camerasNicolas Bouillot2012-09-06 14:

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