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859 BugFeedbackNormalcannot launch yelp to display manualAlexandre Quessy2012-10-11 14:201.2
753 BugNewNormal'Contribute' And 'Architecture Notes' pages full of complicated SVN and code.sat linksAlexandre Quessy2012-04-05 15:25
590 BugNewHighBuilding the Debian package changes a lot of filesAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
588 BugNewLowLink to man pages from scenic?Alexandre Quessy2010-06-15 08:560.6
580 FeatureNewHighUse dh_pythonsupport and get rid of .pyo filesAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:561.60.5.11
579 FeatureIn ProgressHighConsider compiling Python bytecode to a path with Python version in itAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:561.60.5.11
575 BugNewLow"all streams are disabled" error should only show one error dialogAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
570 BugNewLowShould make dist change .po files?Alexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
566 FeatureNewLowConsider using python-cjson instead of simplejsonAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:561.60.5.11
561 FeatureIn ProgressNormalDocbook files should be installed in GNOME usual locationsAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:561.40.5.10
559 BugIn ProgressNormaltwo contacts with same ip address are indistinguishable to scenicAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
542 FeatureNewNormalCreate an OMF entry for yelp main menuAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:571.4
516 FeatureNewNormalImprove gettext packaging with autotoolsAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:571.40.5
477 FeatureNewLowPrevent DOS attack on the SIC serverAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:581.60.5
466 FeatureNewLowSupport a port offset in scenicAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:491.60.5
465 FeatureNewLowSupport binding to a specific network interfaceAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:581.60.5
452 FeatureNewLowUse GTK for listing X11 displaysAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:491.60.5
435 FeatureNewLowSupport two different codec at the same timeAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:491.60.5
419 FeatureNewLow--enable-logging should not make scenic quietAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:151.60.5
416 FeatureNewLowhave preview/vumeters running all the time when possibleAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:491.60.5
392 FeatureNewLowCreate an external application for network testingAlexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
385 FeatureIn ProgressNormalBe able to specify the bus number in fireresetAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 14:
353 BugNewLowDo not show open MIDI devices in the choices.Alexandre Quessy2012-09-06 14:
303 FeatureNewLowPrevent attacks on the TCP SIC protocolAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:501.60.4.1
302 FeatureNewNormalAdd an option to auto-restart streams in case of a crashAlexandre Quessy2012-07-26 13:501.60.4.1

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