Configuring spinserver and spinviewer for distant connexion (without broadcasting)

Spinserver has to be configured to send to each distant IP address, while keeping the broadcast to for the pd-extended widget to be able to connect to the server. The command line is as follows:

spinserver --scene-id drawingspace --send-udp-msg CLIENT-IP 54323 --send-udp-msg 54323 --send-udp-sync CLIENT-IP 54321 --send-udp-sync 54321 --recv-udp-msg CLIENT-IP 54324 --recv-udp-msg 54324

The spinviewers which are on the same network as the spinserver do not need any specific configuration (appart from the scene id), but the distant spinviewer need to have the IP address of the spinserver specified as follows:

spinviewer --scene-id drawingspace --disable-discovery --send-tcp-msg SERVER-IP 54322 --send-udp-msg SERVER-IP 54324 --recv-udp-sync SERVER-IP 54321 --recv-udp-msg localhost 54323 --recv-tcp-msg CLIENT-IP 54325