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1387 BugIn ProgressNormalbase.midi.route: support int atoms, not unsigned charsAlexandre Quessy2013-03-18 14:57
1386 BugNewNormalbase.midi.input: segfaults when we change the portAlexandre Quessy2013-03-18 14:550.4
1385 BugNewNormalConnection should be a struct, not a tupleAlexandre Quessy2013-03-18 13:550.4
1377 BugNewUrgentNode::removeOutlet segfaultsAlexandre Quessy2013-03-11 15:290.4
1376 BugNewNormalerror "make" on mac osx lion 10.82013-03-09 08:54
1372 BugNewNormalconfigure should fail if portmidi is not presentAlexandre Quessy2013-03-05 13:520.4
1370 BugNewNormalosc.route segfaults when we change its paths attributeAlexandre Quessy2013-03-04 18:02
1360 BugNewHighcalls to waitForAllNodesToBeInitiated seems very long and sometimes hangAlexandre Quessy2013-02-19 10:000.4
1354 BugNewNormalserial devices are always opened twiceAlexandre Quessy2013-02-15 12:51
1351 BugNewNormalserial.device should store messages to send if the device is in the way to be openAlexandre Quessy2013-02-13 14:47
1345 BugNewNormalImprove error message in base.flow.castAlexandre Quessy2013-02-12 12:49
1343 BugNewHighCannot link against new version of portmidiAlexandre Quessy2013-02-12 10:110.2
1334 BugNewHighInlet::trigger doesn't fire Node::onInletTriggeredAlexandre Quessy2013-01-28 16:450.4
1314 BugNewLowSegfault in base.math.jsexpr node when used from within a Nodejs Web serverAlexandre Quessy2013-02-12 13:130.60.2
1311 BugNewNormalmake sure all node names are 3-levelAlexandre Quessy2013-01-17 12:340.40.2
1310 BugNewHightempi/midi.cpp segfaults when we delete a second Midi device object.Alexandre Quessy2013-02-12 13:090.40.2
1305 BugNewNormalSeems like non-mutable attribute's value can be changed using Entity::setAttributeValueAlexandre Quessy2013-01-15 13:220.4
1304 BugNewNormalDynamic loading does not work on Windows Alexandre Quessy2013-01-15 10:490.4
1303 BugNewNormallibatom has no Ubuntu/Debian packageAlexandre Quessy2013-01-14 19:020.4
1237 BugNewHighTempi wrongly favors plugins in /usr/local even when in the project's directoryAlexandre Quessy2013-01-15 10:590.4
1236 BugNewNormalbase.math.expr should be able to return an arrayAlexandre Quessy2013-01-15 10:590.60.2
1218 BugNewNormalAutomatically use another valid name when given name is invalid or already takenAlexandre Quessy2013-01-15 10:580.6
1132 BugIn ProgressNormalmetro should start right awayAlexandre Quessy2013-02-12 13:120.4
944 BugNewNormalWhen we create a second Scheduler, the Loader refuses to load again base libAlexandre Quessy2012-10-18 16:340.40.1
931 BugNewNormalbase.clutter.stage segfaultsAlexandre Quessy2013-01-15 10:580.60.1

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